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Fan Fiction

Ace (me of course) as OPTIMUS PRIME "Space Ace Laser Disc Video Game" - PETERBILT 379 or WESTERN STAR 5700 PHANTOM
Kimberly as RATCHET "Space Ace Laser Disc Video Game" - HUMMER H2
Star Lord as BUMBLEBEE "Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy" - CHEVY CAMARO
Jesse Dart as JAZZ "SF Saiyuki Starzinger" - PONTIAC SOLSTICE
Colin Kintobor as IRONHIDE "Archie Sonic Comics" - GMC TOPKICK C4500
Flash Gordon as HOUND "Flash Gordon Animated Series" - MERCEDES UNIMOG
Don Davis as SIDESWIPE "Esh Aurunmilla Laser Disc Video Game" - FORD CORVETTE STINGRAY

Borf as MEGATRON "Space Ace Laser Disc Video Game" - CYBERTRONIAN JET
Tryax Kahn as STARSCREAM "SF Saiyuki Starzinger" - F-22 RAPTOR FIGHTER JET
MegaMind as BLACKOUT "DreamWorks MegaMind Movie" - AH-64 APACHE or AH-1Z SUPER COBRA
Beerus as SOUNDWAVE "DragonBall Super" - MIG-29 FULCRUM FIGHTER JET
Gary Supernova as SIDEWAYS "Escape from Planet Earth" - AUDI R8-GT
Scorch Supernova as ONSLAUGHT "Escape from Planet Earth" - WESTERN STAR 4900SF TOW TRUCK
Council Woman as SHOCKWAVE "WDW Stitch's Great Escape" - NO DISGUISE

Our tale begins with Sonic Hedgehog the fastest thing alive together with his sidekick Tails discovering a crashed spaceship that fell out of the Mobian sky but have no clue or idea as to where it came from.

TAILS: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> What is that?

SONIC: It looks like a spaceship but I don't know where it came from.

TAILS: Are we being invaded by hostile beings? <worried look>

SONIC: Beats me, I haven't a clue. <shrugs> Maybe we should take a look and see for ourselves.

Cautiously they approached the vessel and walked around it in search for a way inside when Tails spotted a hatch-door pointing it out to his friend who nodded then Sonic got it open with little or some difficulty.

SONIC: Right, now to see what's inside. Ready partner?

TAILS: <thumbs up> Ready as I'll ever be.

They climbed into the interior of the spaceship but at first saw no sign of anybody-anyone onboard. Yet they continued the search until coming upon cryogenic cubicles standing upright, side-by-side along the bulkhead wall and inside each was a sleeping figure.

TAILS: Whoa...<eyes wide> who are they?

SONIC: That's what I want to know too. <eyes also wide> They look human in appearance so they must be Overlanders.

TAILS: What? <surprised look>

SONIC: <shrugs> It's a guess. On the other hand they must be another form of life-forms instead.

TAILS: Hmmm...<frowns>

The inventor and pilot of the Blue Tornado biplane examined console displays next to each cubicle showing life-sign readings of heart rates, blood pressure, etc.

TAILS: These readouts indicate the strangers whoever they are, are asleep in suspended animation state.

SONIC: <shrugs> Never heard of that before. How do we wake them?

Just as he said that however the lids on the cubicles slid up like airlock doors in Star Trek with a whoosh startling both Freedom Fighters who froze in place. Then came hissing sounds of escaping steam or air being released as mist-like smoke billowed forth out of the pods. Tails and Sonic watched with eyes wide in fright unable to move or speak, then one by one the terran figures stirred awake.

SONIC: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

KIMBERLY: Eeeeeeeee! <cries out in a panic>

JESSE: Aaaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown>

TAILS: Whoa! <jumps back in shock>

FLASH: What the heck?!! Who are you?

SONIC: Uh, hi...<nervous wave>

DON: How did you get onboard our ship?

TAILS: Hi there, welcome to Mobius.

COLIN: Mobius? <looks confused>

ACE: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> We must be in another solar system far away from our own galaxy.

SONIC: Where do you come from?

Once everybody calmed down Ace made introductions of his teammates including himself...

ACE: We are the Autobots from our home planet Earth. I am Ace the leader, this is Kimberly, chief medical officer...Jesse Dart, cyborg bodyguard to me and Kimmy...Flash Gordon, my twin brother and bounty hunter...Colin Kintobor, military strategist...Don Davis, expert swords warrior & martial artist...Star Lord, 2nd in Command.

TAILS: Cool, I'm Tails and this is Sonic Hedgehog.

SONIC: That's me, the fastest thing alive. <grins and thumbs up>

Next Ace told about searching for energy resources to save Earth from being conquered by his adversary Borf and the Decepticons and end a war-games conflict to save the universe. He had Jesse display hologram visions of the evil grays one by one.

JESSE: This is Borf the leader of the Decepticons...Tryax Kahn, 2nd in Command but keeps trying to replace Borf as leader...Gantu, security officer and bodyguard to Borf...Beerus, communications officer...MegaMind, super genius...Gary and Scorch Supernova the twin brothers...

TAILS: Holy cow!

SONIC: Good grief...<quotes Charlie Brown>

ACE: You got that right dude.

I (Ace) and fellow Autobots next demonstrated our magic talents of transforming ourselves into vehicle forms which shocked Tails and Sonic who never witnessed anything like that before.

SONIC: I see it but I don't believe it. How can you do that?

FLASH: Simple, we possess magic powers of light and kindness to combat against Borf and his horde whose magic is of darkness and evil.

DON: Aye, they too transform into disguises like ourselves.

TAILS: They can? <surprised look> Whoa!

COLIN: <nods> So this is Mobius. Never been to a planet by that name in a long time.

KIMBERLY: Me too. We must be in another galaxy light-years away from our own system.

SONIC: What were those cubicles you were inside used for anyway?

Flash the older brother of Ace explained the pods were called hyper-sleep cubicles that he and the Autobots slept inside through suspended animation while the computers piloted their spaceship to a certain destination to whatever planet they were seeking energy resources from.

FLASH: This way we would slumber peacefully until awakened by SkyNet once we reached our destination.

TAILS: Who's he? <curious>

KIMBERLY: Our super computer that flew the vessel while we slept.

TAILS: Oh...

SONIC: How about coming with us to meet our friends. I bet they would like to hear your stories too.

Just then however voices from outside the ship drew the attention of the terran people and mobian warriors until Sally Acorn stuck her head inside the open hatch and called out.

SALLY: Hello, anybody in here?

TAILS: We're in here, Sally. <calls back to her>

SALLY: Tails, where are you? <enters the vessel>

SONIC: Nice of you to join us, boss.

SALLY: What's going...<starts to say then gasps> oh my! <eyes wide in shock>

ACE: Oops, not good. <I quote Jack Sparrow>

SALLY: <recovers then frowns> Who are you?

ACE: Greetings from the planet Earth. <I salute her> I am Ace and these are the Autobots.

SALLY: The what, who? <frown narrows>

Once again I introduced my teammates then told the story of waging war against Borf and his Decepticons to save my world and the universe, of the quest to seek out energy resources in another galaxy and crashing onto Mobius while in hyper-sleep.

ACE: That's where my tale ends for the moment.

SALLY: Interesting. If what you said is true and from the holograms you showed me, then I believe you for now. <leers> Perhaps I and my gang can be of assistance in helping you magic terran Autobots look for what you need and destroy these evil grays you spoke of, deal? <extends her hand to me>

ACE: You got yourself a deal. <we shake on it> In return we will protect you with our magic so the dark-side will not harm or seduce you in the end.

SALLY: Agreed.

Then both Sonic and Tails told their boss how the terran people displayed their transformation talents which made Sally look curious so she asked us to show her how we change into disguises.

ACE: You won't believe your eyes when you see this.

SALLY: <leers with arms folded> Go ahead, surprise me if you dare.

SONIC & TAILS: <smirk and try not to laugh>

ACE: <I nod then to my warriors> Autobots, transform!

Suddenly before Acorn's startled-astonished eyes as she looked on...Kimberly, Jesse, Flash, Don, Colin, Star Lord magically changed themselves one by one into car and truck forms...Hummer H2, Pontiac Solstice, Mercedes Unimog, Ford Corvette Stingray, GMC TopKick, Chevy Camaro, and PeterBilt 379 as Tails and Sonic fought hard to keep from laughing out loud behind her back. For an encore performance we transformed back to normal selves.

STAR LORD: At-tah! <poses> Neat, huh?

SALLY: I...I don't believe this.

JESSE: Hey, it's cool. You'll get used to seeing this magic act.

SALLY: Uh, I will? <now looks nervous>

KIMBERLY: No need to be afraid of magic. <that makes Sally's expression change suddenly>

SALLY: Hey! <glares> Who says I'm afraid, huh?

KIMBERLY: Whoa, chill out redhead. <puts up her hands>

TAILS: I don't think that's a good idea to make her mad.

STAR LORD: Maybe she doesn't believe in magic anyway.

SALLY: What?!! <whirls on him>

Peter Quill recoiled slightly fearing she would strike out at him but Sonic stepped in preventing his boss from hitting the space smuggler. Finally Acorn calmed down.

SALLY: Uh, I don't know what to believe in at the moment. It's cool, no harm intended. <leers again>

FLASH: Saved by the bell. <Sonic and Tails nod>

DON: I wonder if this planet contains resources we seek.

SONIC: It sure does. Enough to save your Earth in the end.

DON-FLASH-COLIN-JESSE-KIMBERLY-STAR LORD: Yes! <all shout and pump fists>

ACE: <rolls eyes> Oh far out.

That made Sonic, Tails and Sally laugh out loud followed by the Autobots soon after. Afterwards Sally invited us to come with her to New MoboTropolis the capital city ruled by her parents King Acorn (Sonic SatAM Blast to the Past) and Queen Acorn (Archie Sonic Comics) where we shared the same story and magic show for Max and Alicia who were impressed by what they saw and heard. In the end the king and queen offered to help repair our spaceship so we could safely return to the Sol system and supply us with lots of resources to save our world. In return we promised to defend and protect Mobius from the Decepticons if or when Borf and his horde dared strike without warning. What we did not know at the time was Borf and his gang were secretly forming an alliance partnership of sorts with Eggman Robotnik and his Dark Legion Empire!

TO BE CONTINUED... Click here for part 2 of Sonic and the Transformers

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