The Autobots Ace, Flash, Star Lord, Freedom Fighters Sally, Amy, Tails, Fiona, the twins Angel and Omar, Wolf Pack Reynard, Lupe and Lobo travel west, in the direction of Nicole and SkyNet's coordinates of course. Ace takes the lead as always with his wife bringing up rear guard since Sally offered to watch everyone's backs that is.

STAR LORD: <Camaro form> This is rough going, I've never been this far before.

FLASH: <Unimog form> Tell me about it. I don't recognize this neighborhood myself.

LUPE: <Monster Truck form> Me too, it's a mystery to me. Or then again...the same territory we passed through while searching for a new homeland.

LOBO: <Monster Truck form> Exactly, I recognize this landscape too.

REYNARD: <Monster Truck form> Which led us to the homeland of Hathor and her Feline Nation.

ACE: <Western Star semi> Really, this is new to me.

SALLY: <PeterBilt semi> Pardon? <calls from behind> I didn't get that.

LUPE: We remember this area after abandoning our mountain cave home then encountering Aerial and Athena within the ruins of Megalopolis.

SALLY: Oh, yes. I forgot about that already.

REYNARD: No sweat...

ANGEL: <Plymouth Fury form> So how come the Decepticons moved out of their HQ, that's strange.

OMAR: <Hudson Hornet form> Yeah, it's like they move about freely on their own.

ACE: Hard to see the dark-side is on occasion.

We continued our trek through the countryside of Mobius until approaching a mountain range and began the ascent up a roadway cut into the rock face.

FLASH: Great, now we're going uphill.

TAILS: <General Lee form> Wow, in vehicle form this is harder than it looks.

AMY: <Trans Am form> No kidding...

FIONA: <Fast and Furious Charger> Hey, it gives me a workout.

STAR LORD: Whew! This workout is taking its toll on me already.

AMY: Oh, no. <feels sorry for her boyfriend>

STAR LORD: Hey, I'm not giving up already on you, am I?

AMY: Nah, figured you were only teasing me. <leers in vehicle form>

STAR LORD: Right...

Halfway to the top the vehicles pause to take a rest period changing back briefly to normal selves.

OMAR: Whoa, check out the views.

ANGEL: It's like we're on top of the world.

SALLY: Looks that way kids.

We search the landscape for miles around. Everywhere we look we saw trees, rivers-streams flowing peacefully here and there, but no sign of habitations to be seen, it was as if the rugged terrain was untouched by both Mobian and Overlander civilizations.

But then, as if sensing a disturbance in the magic so to speak...all heads turned in another direction and saw...

FLASH: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

STAR LORD: No way...

FIONA: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

Everything below our position was scorched and polluted as if Ivo Robotnik had terra-formed the landscape in his evil quest to destroy the Knothole Freedom Fighters so long ago when failing to locate and capture Knothole Village in the Great Forest. Trees stripped of their leaves stand like black skeletons against the backdrop so to speak, a stream beyond our position runs with sluggish orange-yellow water.

TAILS: Holy smokes! <can't believe his eyes>

AMY: What is this? <shocked look on her face>

ACE: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Indiana Jones>

LUPE: Me too, I feel evil lurking everywhere as if we're being watched, observed.

ACE: Transform, we'll cruise downhill and take a closer look.

SALLY: Aye-aye! <salutes me> Okay, time to change back to vehicles again.

We did just that then using the magic to control-guide our descent downhill made our approach so to speak. Soon we reach the valley floor and take cover behind redwood trees. Beyond the polluted stream is the entrance to a cave of sorts. Yellow smoke curls from the opening like ghosts and there, painted above the mouth of the tunnel is the hated Decepticon Galactic Federation symbol.

REYNARD: Is that where the enemy is holed up? <scowls in monster truck form>

LOBO: Ugh, ack! <reacts to horrible smells> What's burning in there?

FLASH: The Decepticons must be cooking something evil in that cave and we're going to find out what it is.

STAR LORD: You got it partner.

SALLY: Transform! We'll have to wade through that awful stuff since I don't see any other way around the stream.

ACE: You're the boss-lady. <tease her playfully>

SALLY: Hmmmph! <scowls as she changes back then folds her arms> I'll take that as a compliment and not a insult.

ACE: YO! It's cool, honey. <put up my hands>

OMAR & ANGEL: Don't fight...<try stopping us from arguing>

ACE & SALLY: <look at our kids> Who's fighting?!! <then leer> Not!

Omar and Angel shook their heads and laughed with us while Flash, Star Lord, Tails, Fiona, Amy, Lobo, Reynard and Lupe rolled their eyes and shook their heads. Once changed back to terran and mobian selves we waded through the gooey sludge using the magic to shield us from painful effects we may encounter when walking through the stream. At last we reached the opposite shore in a matter of speaking and took cover behind redwood trees again. The cave entrance stood before us in its evil glory, reeking with the foul-awful smells coming from within.

FIONA: Okay, now what? <shrugs and frowns>

My wife and I huddle with the twins and teammates for a brief discussion like football players in a huddle so to speak.

SALLY: Okay, I think we should go in together rather than having one or two go in alone.

LUPE: Roger!

REYNARD: Same with me.

LOBO: Me too...

ANGEL & OMAR: Us too!

FIONA: Ready as I'll ever be. <leers>

TAILS: You and me partner. <nods to her - she nods back>

AMY: I'm ready too.

FLASH & STAR LORD: Here-here!

ACE: Then let's do it, the fate of our friends at HQ depend on us destroying the dark arts.

We broke the huddle then cautiously made our way towards the cave entrance. At first it appeared to be a simple stroll in the park so to speak when suddenly...shimmering halos materialized in front of us stopping us in our tracks. Then vanished to reveal Gary and Scorch Supernova, Crystal and Amber!

AMBER: Well-well, look who's here.

CRYSTAL: Uninvited guests I see.

GARY: Prepare to be destroyed.

SCORCH: Let the darkness grow.

ACE: I doubt that very much. <scowls> You butt-heads cause too much chaos and destruction to this planet.

SALLY: <glares> Yeah, and we're putting a stop to it right now.

CRYSTAL: Bring it on, lady. <sneers> I'm ready for a fight. <ignites her red light-saber>

Amber, Gary and Scorch ignited their red light-sabers with Amber wielding the double-bladed weapon like Darth Maul in Episode I then attacked forcing me, Sally, Lupe, and Reynard to defend with our blue and green light-sabers with Flash, Lobo, Star Lord, Tails, Amy, Fiona standing by in case we needed their help. The brawl was fierce but easily winnable in a matter of speaking as Ace, Sally, Lupe and Reynard took down the Supernova brothers, MegaMind's sister and her pet bodyguard in seconds but rather than finish them off threatened them with light-magic orbs making them retreat in terror, running away like bullies from a fight back into the cave itself. Tails, Amy, Fiona, Lobo, Flash and Star Lord whooped it up for us as we saluted with our sabers, deactivated them then entered the cave.

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