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Inside Decepticon headquarters Borf was angry about Draco turning against him and his horde when she refused to obey his will of destroying Ace and instead joined his gang instead.

BORF: I can't believe it! Draco refused a direct order to kill Ace, it's impossible.

EGGMAN: I didn't know she was going to do that either. I wonder how that happened?

BORF: Hmmm...perhaps or maybe it had to do with trying to protect the children of Ace and Sally.

EGGMAN: Of course, Angel and Omar. Or then again when Tryax ordered her to assassinate Flash, Colin, Don and she disobeyed that order.

BORF: <nods> Anyway, let's forget about that for now. Now is not the time to dwell on the matter, vengeance is on my mind instead.

EGGMAN: Yes sir! <salutes him> In fact, I and Tryax came up with such a plan of sorts, ahem! <reveals everything>

BORF: <evil grin> Yes, yes...I like it already.

EGGMAN: This way we'll have our revenge against the Autobots for good.

And while they set about carrying out the assassination of sorts, in the meantime it was the Autobots and Freedom Fighters hanging out inside Freedom Headquarters taking it easy so to speak.

COLIN: Still can't get over the shock of witnessing Draco sacrifice herself to save us.

KIMBERLY: She was a brave dragon to do that, realizing she would not survive herself.

FLASH: The twins have been quiet about that and haven't talked about it either.

DON: I'm sure they'll get over it soon enough.

JESSE DART: Agreed, that's why Ace and Sally took them to visit Lupe for a spell.

STAR LORD: The Pack have proven themselves on many occasions in taking on Borf and his horde.

JAMES: And it all began when Sonic and Sally first met them.

JESSE: A long time ago...

TAILS: I remember when Lupe inducted Sally and Sonic into her family as honorary Pack members.

AMY: And we too signed up to become part of her family.

BUNNY: And now Lupe and Lobo can transform into monster trucks.

ANTOINE: How cool is that, he?

FIONA: Who knows...<shrugs> the settlement of the Wolf Pack Nation it was Ace Robotnik and Sally Acorn instructing Lupe and her father Lobo the fighting arts of light-sabers alongside Omar and Angel who were also practicing the same techniques with their light-sabers too. The four of them were trying to block-parry energy bolts from remote probes that flew about in various attack modes occasionally stinging them making them yell and jump in surprise which resulted in laughter from the parents.

SALLY: Remember, allow the magic to do the fighting for you, it will guide your moves with ease.

ANGEL: Easier said than done, Mom.

SALLY: Well, I too was a student learner under Ace's teaching and it took lots of patience and practice.

ANGEL: Oh, right.

ACE: Not a problem, you are strong in the magic but don't expect to become all powerful just like that.

OMAR: Yes sir, teacher. Sort of like Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars when he was learning to become a Jedi Knight.

ACE: Exactly, except he was tempted-seduced by the dark-side in the end and became Darth Vader.

OMAR: <nods> And killed all Jedis throughout the galaxies.

LUPE: Well I won't make that mistake myself by giving into emotions of fear, anger or hate.

LOBO: That goes for me too dear.

SALLY: How about we try this.

She and I place helmet-visors over the heads of Angel, Omar, Lobo and Lupe who appear confused at first but when I (Ace) told them to reach out with their mind to sense where the attack will come from they agreed to try again. Igniting their blue and green sabers they held them at the ready position as the remotes moved into the attack modes. As Sally and I watched the four padawan students, so to speak skillfully parried each bolt fired at them in rapid moves then struck out disabling the probes. Removing the helmets they stared in shock amazement.

LOBO: Incredible, I did it.

OMAR: Yeah, me too. I could actually see the remote in my mind.

ACE: See, that's all there is to it. <shake my son's hand> Well done my boy.

OMAR: Thanks, dad.

ANGEL: Wow, maybe I am ready to face my destiny.

SALLY: Yes you are ready, I can feel it within you. <puts hands on her daughter's shoulders> Congratulations.

ANGEL: Thank you, mom. <happy tears in her eyes>

LUPE: Yes, the light-side is strong within me.

ACE: Congratulations, grand chief. <shake her hand> You are now ready to take the trial.

That is when Lupe, Lobo, Omar and Angel were instructed to fight Sally and Ace in mock duel to see if they could disarm both teachers. Back and forth they fought fiercely trading blows against each other's sabers like Ninja or Samurai warriors of Japan. It was Lupe and Lobo defeating Ace, Omar and Angel defeating Sally...then everyone settled down to relax and meditate letting the power pass through them. When it was time to return home...

LOBO: We will be ready to help whenever the magic summons us.

ACE: Yes sir, let the light shine.

LUPE: That gives me an idea. <grins or smirks>

We stacked fists in the air shouting "ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL, AUTOBOTS AND WOLF PACK UNITED!" then howled together before laughing in good humor.

SALLY: See you next time we drop by.

LOBO: Of course, we'll be waiting.

LUPE: Thanks for the lessons, Ace. <hugs me> I know I am ready to face the dark-side.

ACE: Indeed you are ma'am.


Then Lupe and Lobo waved goodbye as they watched me, Sally, Omar and Angel transform into PeterBilt 379, Western Star 5700, Hudson Hornet, Plymouth Fury and drive away back to New MoboTropolis. Once there we stopped at Castle Acorn but were informed by Chuck Hedgehog and Rosy Woodchuck the king and queen were visiting the Autobots at Freedom HQ.

ROSY: They decided to hangout with your terran friends.

ACE: Sounds like a plan to me.

CHUCK: So how was your visit to the Pack?

SALLY: Fun as always, we trained Lupe and Lobo in the light-saber fighting arts along with our kids.

CHUCK: Wow, so Lupe and Lobo know how to wield those laser swords.

ACE: Indeed they do. Can't wait to see them in action next time around. <Sally playfully elbows me in the side>

ROSY: Why did you hit him?

SALLY: <leers> Just having fun with my husband as always. <Angel and Omar laugh>

So we proceeded to headquarters and once there found that Max and Alicia were being entertained by Kimberly, Jesse Dart, Flash Gordon, Colin Kintobor, Star Lord, Team Rocket, MewTwo telling them stories of Star Wars, Star Trek, blah-blah-blah. All the while no one noticed or sensed an evil presence lurking within the base, alias Gantu.

GANTU: Perfect, they don't know I'm here. <evil grin> Now to put Robotnik's plans to action.

He poured some kind of liquid substance into the water coolers then slipped away undetected once again contacting his leader once outside the base.

GANTU: It's done, the poison has been added to the water supply.

BORF: Good, I'll inform Tryax and Eggman so they can move ahead with the next phase.

GANTU: By your command my lord. <shuts off communicator then vanishes>


MAX: Those were interesting Star Wars stories although they did not really happen.

KIMBERLY: That was George Lucas's idea to make audiences believe they were witnessing events taking place far away in another galaxy.

JESSE DART: We don't yet know what will happen in Episode IX

ALICIA: The deaths of Han Solo, General Leia Skywalker, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker...

FLASH: Luke merged with the Force to become a Jedi ghost alongside Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon-Jin.

DON: Now it's up to Rey Solo and friends to defeat-destroy Kylo Ren and the First Order.

SONIC: I'm all game for that.

TAILS: Me too partner.

That's when myself, Sally and the kids enter the base and greet everybody letting them know about our hangout with the Wolf Pack Nation of course. MewTwo and I prepare Butter-Beer drinks for everybody both the cold and frozen versions then Sally's parents joined us for Karaoke sing-along fun which Alicia and Max enjoyed hearing their own voices on playback singing the lyrics of Oldies Rock & Roll songs of the 50s-70s decades.

All of a sudden SkyNet and Nicole alerted us!

NICOLE: Warning, somebody has infiltrated headquarters but disappeared soon after.

SKYNET: Affirmative, the intruder was Gantu but what he was doing here I do not know.

ACE: Nuts! <glowers> This spells big trouble, we must be prepared to defend ourselves.

All of a sudden however the terran and mobian warriors began feeling sick, gasping for breath, coughing-vomiting!

OMAR: What the h***?!! What's happening here?

ANGEL: Mom-Dad...

SALLY: Sonic?!! <worried look on her face>

SONIC: I don't feel good. <sick look>

BUNNY: Me too, like I ate something bad this morning. <vomits>

SALLY: Bunny! <alarmed look>

ANTOINE: Honey! <worried for his wife>

Then he too starts coughing and throwing up too. Others begin experiencing illness symptons including Don Davis, Colin Kintobor, and Jesse Dart!

JESSE DART: I think I'm going to faint. <collapses-passes out>

COLIN: Me too...<also passes out>

DON: What's happening to me...<loses consciousness>

ACE: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

FIONA: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> What's happening to our friends.

TAILS: I don't know. <worried look>

AMY: Oh no...Sonic's sick. <afraid look on her face>

KIMBERLY: Gantu, he must've injected something into the Butter-Beers to incapacitate us all. However I do not feel anything wrong.

STAR LORD: Or me either.

FLASH: I hate it when Borf and his horde try or attempt to defeat us like this. <scowls>

MAX: <glowers> We cannot let him get away with this so-called attack against us.

ALICIA: Course not, dear. <also glowers>

SALLY: <glares> Borf is going to pay for this, I know he is behind all this evil. <clenched fists>

Moments later I (Ace) decide to infiltrate Decepticon headquarters taking my wife with me, the twins, Star Lord, Flash Gordon, Amy, Tails, Fiona to find a cure for the so-called poison attack against my comrades while Max and Alicia offered to stay behind and help Kimberly take care of our teammates till we returned. That is when Lupe, Lobo and Reynard of the Wolf Pack Nation showed up having witnessed a vision through the magic of Gantu doing something evil to the Autobots also volunteering to help.

REYNARD: It's time to put our magic training to the test.

LOBO: Aye, show those alien grays who's boss.

LUPE: We're ready to follow you Ace wherever you lead us.

ACE: <nod> Excellent. Autobots, Wolf Pack, transform and roll out.

MAX & ALICIA: Good luck!

KIMBERLY: May the magic be with you.

In the blink of an eye...Ace as Western Stars 5700 semi, Sally as PeterBilt 379 semi, Lupe as BigFoot monster truck, Lobo as Gravedigger monster truck, Reynard as Monster Patrol monster truck, Fiona as Dodge Charger (Fast and Furious), Tails as Dodge Charger (General Lee), Amy as Pontiac Trans Am (Smokey and the Bandit), Flash as Mercedes Unimog, Star Lord as Chevy Camaro accelerated out of Freedom HQ en route to Decepticon home base in RoboTropolis, or so we thought at first...but after Nicole and SkyNet informed Sally and I the enemy was not inside their fortress within the former-original Mobian capital but elsewhere for the moment we were given coordinates of where to proceed so to speak.

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