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BORF: What is the condition of Ace?

He was asking Tryax about striking down his rival adversary during the brawl moments ago.

TRYAX: He was injured or wounded, we saw him fall. <Crystal-MegaMind-Amber all nod>

EGGMAN: Ah, yes. Down and out for the 10-count as usual. <sneers>

BORF: <also sneers> Without Ace leading them, the Autobots will be helpless against us.

CUBOT: I quite agree my lord.

ORBOT: Roger, there's no way they could stand up against your horde.

EGGMAN: But should we spy on the opposition to make certain Ace is out of the big picture?

Borf nodded and ordered Beerus to send Laserbeak on the assignment and the macaw parrot flew away to carry out its orders.

BORF: Once I am certain Ace is no longer a threat to me, we shall destroy the Autobots then nothing shall stand between us and the universe.

TRYAX: Hopefully nothing goes wrong this time.

EGGMAN: That's what I'm counting on.

Seconds later Laserbeak reached Freedom HQ penetrating the headquarters without being detected then perched atop ceiling rafters inside sickbay to beam forth holographic visions of activity taking place below his position. Everybody was gathered around Kimberly as the medical officer performed magic spells on her boyfriend and Acorn as both lay motionless on bio-beds with monitors displaying readouts of vital sign activity.

KIMBERLY: It's a miracle Ace and Sally survived the laser blasts.

ANGEL: Can't believe daddy would get shot down like that by those bullies.

OMAR: Yeah, those no-good bullies.

COLIN: Easy kids, your father is a brave man and courageous warrior. <they nod>

SONIC: Sally, hang in there. Don't let death take you away from us. <worried look>

SALLY: <weak smile> I'm not leaving you Sonic, not my #1 boyfriend and hero.

TAILS: There's got to be something we can do to help you get strong again. <worried look>

KIMBERLY: I believe there is a way.

That made Tails, Amy, Rotor, Bunny, Antoine, Fiona look surprised but before they could say anything it was another Autobot who spoke up.

STAR LORD: Kimmy's right, we need a blood transfusion or in other words, someone volunteers to donate their blood to save Ace and Sally.

The Freedom Fighters looked confused, even nervous since they never did blood donations in a long time.

STAR LORD: We need to bring back a blood transfusion first aid kit but it's on our home world.

FLASH: Aye, somebody needs to volunteer in traveling at the speed of light to Earth and retrieve the kit at our old HQ base.

Once again the FF warriors looked nervous and confused.

DON: But the big question is how do we get to Earth? Even Ace didn't have a clue as to the whereabouts of the next space bridge.

Then it was Hope, her father and uncle who spoke up.

OAKS: Of course he didn't bother asking help from the greatest mechanical detective, SkyNet that is.

HOPE: Yes, we can download SkyNet all the data about the bridge's last appearance so then he can predict where it will materialize next.

WILY: Aye, like Sherlock Holmes!

With that the teenaged girl set to work instructing both SkyNet and Nicole to begin searching for signs of the space bridge next appearance.

JESSE DART: Better make it quick, Ace is running out of time.

TEAM ROCKET: Oops, not good. <both quote Jack Sparrow>

MewTwo the pokemon bodyguard was keeping watch over his master and his wife along with Angel and Omar who were worried for their parents lives. Having seen enough, Laserbeak flew away back to Decepticon headquarters in RoboTropolis as Borf and Eggman played back the holograms.

EGGMAN: Uh-oh, they're trying to guess where the space bridge is going to materialize, that's not good.

BORF: Bah, those Overlanders don't even know where it is. <scowls> I'm contacting my boss immediately. <enters his chamber with Robotnik in tow>

Inside the chamber the Decepticon leader dropped to one knee and bowed his head as did Eggman as a holographic representation of the Grand Council Woman appeared before them like a ghost.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Greetings, Dr Robotnik and Borf. What do you request?

BORF: When can the space bridge materialize?

COUNCIL WOMAN: It will appear at these coordinates. <displays another hologram vision>

EGGMAN: Excellent my lord. We will be there pronto to deliver a special cargo for you.

COUNCIL WOMAN: <nods> I'll be waiting to receive it Robotnik.

BORF: As you wish boss.

Moments later it was Tryax, Gantu, the Supernova Brothers and MegaMind on-site as they readied the intergalactic transport system.

TRYAX: Careful with those cubes, <gets mad when they're dropped> you idiot!

GANTU: Who are you calling an idiot! <glares back> You want to make something out of it?

TRYAX: My talents are wasted on this project, I should be in command of everything.

MEGAMIND: Who's going to drive the sled across the bridge? <then notices Kahn and Gantu looking at him> What are you looking at me for?

But the super genius agreed to pilot the sled through the gateway since he needed to visit his mother so to speak.

TRYAX: Have a nice journey warrior. <MegaMind gives salute>

GARY: Say hi to the Council Woman for us.

SCORCH: Yeah, let her know we're thinking about her. <MegaMind nods and thumbs up>

Then the sled accelerated down the track into the dome structure and seconds later rose into the air within the laser beam before vanishing completely. Across the universe in the Sol system inside Decepticon headquarters the Grand Council Woman was surprised to see her son appear so suddenly.

COUNCIL WOMAN: I didn't know you were coming, what a surprise.

MEGAMIND: Hi, mom. <climbs out of the sled> Here's the cargo as you requested.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Good job, son. <then contacts Borf> Energon cubes have been received, thank you.

At the same time...Star Lord, Amy, Hope, Don, Fiona, Colin and Flash arrived on-site at the moment unseen by the opposition. Peter Quill in Camaro form transporting Hope exclaimed.

STAR LORD: Hope, you, Nicole and SkyNet are a hot team. You found the space bridge.

HOPE: Told you I could do it.

AMY: No one doubted you at all.

DON: Uh-oh, you-know-who is there.

FIONA: <glares> Great, just what we need.

TRYAX: Autobots! <shocked then angry>

COLIN: The one and only, NOT!

FLASH: Let's get ready to rumble!

GANTU: Good idea, I love a good fight. <bangs fists together>

SCORCH: Me too...

GARY: Bring it on!

But before any blows could be landed was Borf who came up with an idea of sorts.

BORF: Tryax, hold up! <startles him through the dark arts> I have an idea, let the Autobots win for the moment.

TRYAX: Huh? <confused look on his face>

BORF: Do as I say, make it look good too.

Kahn was still confused but obeyed the command of his leader. Star Lord let him have it with burst of ice-beams from his blasters paralyzing the 2nd in Command who dropped to the ground. Then it was Amy using her magic hammer as she KOd Gantu knocking him flat, Colin-Don-Flash and Fiona made quick work against the Supernova twins then transforming back into vehicle forms disappeared into the space bridge portal.

BORF: Well done, return to base for further orders.

Tryax, Gantu and the twins flew away still puzzled as to why Borf ordered them not to engage the enemy in battle.

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