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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - CHAPTER 3 - EPISODE 3. Missed the end of Chapter 2? Click here.

Station Square's factories are busy manufacturing laser weapons to be used against the greatest threat the universe has ever known. After several incidents that occurred or took place in or around the Overlander-Mobian metropolis both the President and Mayor decided something needed to be done immediately to protect-defend themselves against the Decepticons and so, factories began producing laser rifles, pistols, and other weapons of terran technology that is. Within one of the facilities was Hope Oaks the teenaged girl computer expert with her father Charles Oaks and uncle Albert Wily.

WILY: If you can use your skills to step up our efficiency, we can double-triple the weapons output.

HOPE: I'll give it a try, uncle. <begins typing on keypad>

Suddenly alarms went off catching everybody by surprise! From out of nowhere came a sleek F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet blasting away with laser-fire from its nose turret and missiles launched from its underbelly launcher exploding everywhere. Another fighter jet screamed down to attack, this one a F-35 Lightning stealth fighter jet also shooting lasers and missiles to scatter the defenders in all directions.

OAKS: What's going on? We're under attack!

HOPE: Oh no, not them again, the Decepticons.

WILY: Nuts! <glares> Here we go again.

Both fighter jets zoomed into the interior of the factory before changing into a female gray bald-headed warrior and anthropomorphic alien warlord alias Tryax Kahn and Crystal. They were soon joined by MegaMind the brother of Crystal in his vehicle form of Ford Shelby police cruiser who also transformed into his male gray bald-headed self and last of all a reptoid creature alias Amber the pet to Crystal. The quartet stood in the center of the building looking around momentarily when security guards opened fire on them.

TRYAX: Foolish insects! <deflects the shots away from himself> Taste my magic! <fires back>

CRYSTAL: <laughs> They sure run funny, don't they Kahn.

AMBER: <assumes Velociraptor pose> Look out, here I come! <hisses-barks like a Raptor then attacks>

He chased the guards who ran yelling in terror as MegaMind and Crystal broke out laughing watching the fun until Tryax ordered them to get busy.

TRYAX: We have a job to do, remember! Drain this factory of its energy, build the Energon cubes!

MEGAMIND: Yes sir! <salutes him>

Immediately they set about performing the task assigned to them as Hope, Oaks and Wily watched helplessly.

OAKS: There's nothing we can do to stop them.

HOPE: Not yet, father. There may still be some buttons I can push. <types furiously on keypad>

WILY: Ah, of course. The Autobots can save us again like they did before.

And at that same moment inside Freedom HQ where the terran warriors used as home base alongside the Freedom Fighters it was Colin Kintobor contacting Ace Robotnik and Sally Acorn.

COLIN: Any luck Ace? Did you figure out where the space bridge will show up?

ACE: Afraid not, Colin. My wife and I scanned the area where the bridge first materialized recently but our readings came up blank.

SALLY: Yeah, sorry. <shrugs> A big blank indeed.

SONIC: You tried your best, Sally. <she nods> No one can blame you for that.

All of a sudden the son of Gerald Robotnik went rigid like stone as a vision flashed into his mind through the magic as did the FF leader who also sensed a disturbing tremor within the light-side.

ACE: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> An SOS message being sent by Hope Oaks.

SALLY: Decepticons attacking a production factory in Station Square. <glares as she speaks into her comlink> Sonic, Tails, Amy! Meet me there pronto. <then morphs into PeterBilt 379 semi>

SONIC: Wilco, boss.

AMY: Oh yeah, my favorite kind of rumble. <leers>

TAILS: You said it Rose. I'll get the Blue Tornado ready for takeoff. <hurries away>

ACE: Autobots, transform and meet me there! <I change into Western Star 5700 semi>

COLIN: Roger, Ace. <turns to his friends> You heard the boss, roll out.

Then he, Team Rocket James and Jesse, and Jesse Dart changed into the NASCAR STP #43 stock car, the Ford SUV in the colors of Jurassic World, the GMC TopKick, and Pontiac Solstice before accelerating away out of home base.

ROTOR: Don't know when I'll get used to seeing that magic act.

ANTOINE: Me too, monsieur.

BUNNY: Go get them Autobots, yes!

FIONA: Aye! We'll hold down the fort till you return.

While back inside the factory...MegaMind, Crystal, Tryax and Amber stood looking at the Energon cubes glowing-humming at their feet.

AMBER: There they are, all ready for transport to wherever Borf instructs us to deliver them.

CRYSTAL: <nods> You got that right.

OAKS: <to his daughter> I'm afraid your button pushing was too little, too late.

HOPE: No, I'm certain they received the SOS transmission.

WILY: Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

TRYAX: <speaks into comlink> Mission leader calling Decepticon headquarters, come in Borf.

BORF: I'm here, report mission leader Tryax Kahn.

TRYAX: I have achieved complete success. All the factory's energy is now in our evil hands.

BORF: Good job my 2nd in Command. Return with the cubes, when I receive coordinates from the Council Woman of where her space bridge will materialize, we will transport them to Earth.

TRYAX: By your command Borf. <pauses before continuing> But surely you should commend me for my efforts, after all I was...

He is distracted by diesel engines heading his way, turned to see who or what was approaching and glared.

TRYAX: Autobots!

Barreling full tilt into the factory came a red-blue long nose semi its horns blaring angrily as it crashed into the Energon cubes sending them scattering like tenpins in bowling. Right behind it came a white-orange long nose semi also blasting angry notes on its air horn too.

OAKS: Yes! <excited> I knew the Autobots would not let us down.

HOPE: Huh, which one is Ace? <confused look>

TRYAX: Ace, Sally?!! <recognizes both rivals>

ACE: Long time no see. <change back to terran self>

SALLY: <change back to anthropomorphic self> When will you ever learn crime does not pay.

WILY: Good heavens, Sally Acorn is an Autobot too?

Borf watching this from spy cameras at headquarters orders Kahn to dispatch the enemy.

BORF: You outnumber them, destroy them.

TRYAX: With pleasure! <sneers>

Kahn unleashed force lightning at both Autobot leaders but Sally and Ace block the bolts with the light arts yet the impact knocks them both down.

CRYSTAL: Looks like he could use some backup.

AMBER: I'm with you. <both rise into the air>

HOPE: Ace, Sally, you okay?

ACE: Roger, stay out of the fighting.

SALLY: We'll take care of this.

Then the super genius makes his move in retaliation for the destruction of his mother's ultimate weapon.

MEGAMIND: Now I'll make you sorry you blew up the Council Woman's anti-gravity cannon.

He let loose orbs of dark magic forcing Ace to duck-dodge as if playing dodge ball.

ACE: Hey! If she's that mad about that incident, I'll gladly reimburse her in full.

I fired back with light orbs making MegaMind avoid being tagged while Crystal and Amber engaged Sally.

CRYSTAL: I'm going to enjoy taking you down lady.

SALLY: Bring it on!

AMBER: No sweat...

They attacked with light-sabers as Sally defended herself skillfully with her light-saber warding off each death blow against her. At one point Crystal struck out with force lightning making Sally block the energy bolts from hitting her but that distraction allowed Amber to sneak attack as he let loose a dark orb in her direction.

HOPE: Sally, look out! <cries a warning>

At the same time Hope shouted a warning it was Acorn pivoting to one side then dropping prone. This unexpected move caused Crystal's lightning attack to deflect Amber's orb off-target sending it careening out of control where it exploded against nearby terminal stations that burst into flames as alarms went off.

OAKS: The computers!

WILY: They're going to blow!

ACE: Everybody down, we'll shield you.

SALLY: Right!

Husband and wife combined their magic as one force to contain the explosion that went off when the terminals blew yet the shock-wave concussions staggered both of us momentarily which was noticed by Tryax.

TRYAX: Now, hit them with everything you got.

He, Amber, MegaMind and Crystal let loose full blast of laser-fire stinging Sally and Ace who yelled out in pain then collapsed unconsciousness to the floor. At that same moment familiar looking vehicles came accelerating into view.

MEGAMIND: Uh-oh, we got company.

TRYAX: Autobots!

BORF: <voice over comlink> Do not fight them! Escape with the Energon cubes.

The four Decepticons fled the scene just as Colin, James, Jesse and Jesse Dart skidded to a stop changing back to normal selves.

JESSE: Decepticons, ah nuts! <angry look>

JAMES: I'll kick their ass! <also looks angry>

WILY: No, we need your help. Your leader is hurt. <already at Ace's side>

TAILS: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

SONIC: Sally! <alarmed look on his face>

AMY: Oh no! <panicked look>

JESSE: Wow, what happened to you, boss?

ACE: Struck down by dark orbs, the dark-side nailed me good.

JESSE DART: How did that happen?

OAKS: We saw everything. He and Sally were blasted by MegaMind, Crystal, Amber and Tryax's firepower.

SONIC: Sally, are you hurt? <worried look>

SALLY: Yeah, can't feel anything. Can you help me?

TAILS: We'll save your life, Aunt Sally. <assures her>

AMY: Can you transform? <worried look>

SALLY: Don't know...but I'll try. <weak look on her face>

Unfortunately Acorn was unable to change into PeterBilt semi form so she was carried back to Freedom HQ aboard Dart's Solstice form with Sonic comforting her all the way in the back seat with Tails also tending to her needs, Amy and Hope riding up front.

HOPE: She's got to make it.

AMY: I doubt it, but then again perhaps she will pull through.

JESSE DART: Aye, Acorn is one tough Mobian warrior, the magic is strong within her.

Ace in semi form was towed by James in his SUV form with Oaks and Wily riding inside the off-road truck.

OAKS: He saved our lives and got struck down by the dark arts.

WILY: I fear for his life in case he doesn't survive.

JAMES: No, he will survive.

COLIN: Affirmative, Ace will pull through, no doubt about it.

JESSE: I'll radio ahead to alert Kimmy and others at HQ. <does just that in vehicle form>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Chapter 3 Part 2?

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