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Fan Fiction

 SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 3/CHAPTER 1/ PART 2. Missed Part 1? Click here to read it.

While Borf, Eggman and the Decepticons puzzled over Laserbeak's disappearance, the Autobots and Freedom Fighters were mystified.

ACE: I don't like it, when the Decepticons get so interested in the ways of the Mobian and Overlander people. I don't think they're planning on doing them any favors.

SALLY: Nicole, what do you make of all this?

NICOLE: Not much for the moment Sally. Laserbeak was following a Overlander vehicle to a small town outside Station Square. He saw something on a hill, mistook it for radar or something.

SONIC: Strange...<frowns> that raises more questions than answers.

TAILS: I agree, partner. <also frowns>

ACE: A Decepticon like Borf would recognize and understand a radar installation. Flash, can you fix Laserbeak's last known coordinates from the signals?

FLASH: Yes sir brother. <salutes his sibling>

The twin sibling used the light arts of magic as he searched within his mind before awakening from his trance and said.

FLASH: The town Nicole said Laserbeak passed through is known as Pallet Town which is part of Station Square.

NICOLE: That's what I just said. <teases him playfully>

SALLY: Hmmm...<leers with arms folded>

SONIC & TAILS: <look at each other and shrug>

FLASH: The coordinates are laying among the woods and hills just outside the town.

ACE: Right. Why don't you, Tails and Sonic investigate since both of them know a lot more of their Overlander neighbors. <Sonic and Tails nod>

FLASH: You got it. <again salutes his sibling>

While that was the meantime Ash Ketchum and Pikacu were outside playing with Hope Oaks as both teenaged kids threw a super ball (rubberized toy) and the Pokemon mouse ran after it then brought it back to be thrown again. Except this time however, Pikacu stopped as he noticed something in the grass. He gestured excitedly to his master who ran over.

ASH: What did you find, Pikacu?

PIKACU: Pica! <points at audio cassette tape>

HOPE: Where did that cassette come from? <curious>

ASH: <picks it up> Doesn't look like one of my collections. There's no label indicating what songs are on the Playlist.

PIKACU: Pica? <now looks confused>

HOPE: Maybe your mother can make sense of it.

ASH: Right, come on Pikacu, time to go inside again. <his pet follows him>

Inside his house the grand master checked in with his mother.

ASH: Mom, look what Pikacu found.

DELIA: Oh, my. Where was it?

ASH: Lying in the grass across the street from the house.

DELIA: I say, I don't know who's tape this is. <frowns> If you found it and no one else claims it, then I guess it's yours.

ASH: Thanks, mom. <takes it back from her>

DELIA: Lunch will be ready by noontime. Why don't you get the music ready for the dance party tonight.

Ash nodded and headed into his bedroom and dropped the cassette tape onto his bed, changed his mind and put it into a box containing other Oldies-Pop cassette tapes before joining his mother for lunch in the kitchen-dining room. While Flash Gordon, Tails and Sonic were on their way, Borf, Tryax Kahn, Beerus and Dr Eggman had already reached Pallet Town. Unseen by the Overlander citizens, the three Decepticons watched from a tall hill. Gazing across from their vantage point, they saw the strange structure reported by Laserbeak.

BEERUS: Confirm mechanical, confirm zero magnetic response. Operation and function unknown at this time. Suggest Overlander energy source.

BORF: These Overlanders are more advanced than I thought.

EGGMAN: Well what did you expect? <shrugs> That they are not equals to Mobians.

BORF: <scowls> Who asked you.

TRYAX: That makes them dangerous. Destroy them while we have the chance.

EGGMAN: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>

BORF: Never! We are not allowed to harm Mobian or Overlander people on this planet.

Meanwhile...Dr Wily stopped by the Ketchum residence to carry a box of audio cassette tapes that Mrs Ketchum gave to him.

DELIA: I bet there's going to be lots of people at the party tonight.

WILY: Of course, Overlanders really dig Oldies music.

DELIA: I'm sure you'll bring them back so my son won't miss them.

WILY: Not a problem. <salutes> Later, at-tah. <gets into his car and drives away>

Transformed into his vehicle form of Mercedes Unimog, Flash Gordon sped along the roads with Sonic and Tails aboard. The blue tornado pilot and inventor was studying the topographic map of Station Square and Pallet Town while the fastest thing alive leaned his head out the open window enjoying the breeze against his face. Late in the afternoon they entered Pallet Town then passed through Main Street and into the open areas beyond where on a hill overlooking the town-site stood a large windmill.

TAILS: Wow, that must be what Laserbeak saw.

FLASH: Holy smokes! A windmill.

SONIC: Huh, you've seen it before? <curious look>

FLASH: Affirmative. On my world in the old days modern windmills used wind power to pump water and generate electricity or grind corn too.

TAILS: Interesting...I never knew Overlanders would use them like terran people do on Earth.

SONIC: Whatever...<rolls his eyes looking bored>

FLASH: Oh, dear. Sonic feels bored already.

SONIC: I heard that! <glowers then grins> Okay, I get it, just a harmless joke.

TAILS: <laughs>

Flash parked in a community park then let out his passengers so they could scout around for a spell while he took a snooze in the sun so to speak. Sonic and Tails followed a footpath leading up one of many hills when they both stopped with alarmed looks on their faces! Directly ahead of them, their backs turned to the friends were Borf, Beerus, Tryax Kahn and Eggman.

TAILS: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

SONIC: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown>

Not wanting to be detected or sensed by the dark arts they rushed back to Gordon who awoke suddenly when they blurted out...

TAILS: We saw the Decepticons, not far from here.

FLASH: Uh-oh, who did you see?

SONIC: Borf, Beerus, Tryax and Eggman.

FLASH: Better contact my brother ASAP. <they both nod>

Seconds later the voices of Ace and Sally came through loud and clear.

ACE: What have you found?

SONIC: The Decepticons, only three of them have taken position overlooking Pallet Town. There's no sign of Laserbeak.

SALLY: What do they want with invading an Overlander town?

TAILS: They're interested in a windmill that Laserbeak spotted moments ago. The machinery is built out of wooden material, that's why there is no magnetic response.

SALLY: Stay where you are, Ace and I are on the way.

ACE: Roger that, see you soon. <signs off>


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