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Fan Fiction

 SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 2, CHAPTER 2 P4. Missed Part 3 of Chapter 2? Click here.

Unfortunately Borf had located the whereabouts of the anti-matter formula and instructed Tryax to bring it back to the laboratory immediately. Seconds later Kahn, along with Gantu, Beerus and Ravage returned with Agnes and Hope Oaks as hostages when the young woman destroyed the disc believing it was the only way the Decepticons could not learn how to make anti-matter by memorizing it. Now with Professors Oaks and Wily watching helplessly and unable to intervene it was Beerus mind-melding with Hope as Borf taunted the young woman.

BORF: Foolish mortal, did you really think you could hide the formula from me inside your brain?

BEERUS: <finishes task> Formula extracted my lord.

ANGES: How dare you! <angrily retorts> No one does that to my only child!

OAKS: Yeah! <also angry>

HOPE: You can't use research for destruction, it-it's wrong.

BORF: Thank you for that reminder my dear. <sneers> The time has come to create anti-matter and destroy our enemy once and for all.

Outside the main complex...the Autobots and Freedom Fighters were assembled to mount a rescue operation of the Oaks family after witnessing a shocking scenario playing out before their very eyes when Tryax Kahn and MegaMind threatened them as they held mother and daughter as hostage human shields at gunpoint.

FLASH: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> They have hostages!

COLIN: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

MEGAMIND: Try anything foolish or stupid, these Overlanders are doomed!

TRYAX: And if they don't, you're doomed. <evil chuckle then vanishes>

KIMBERLY: We got to save them.

JESSE DART: Aye! <mad look> I'm responsible for their safety.

ACE: Hold the phone, cyborg. We all are responsible for protecting innocent life on this planet.

STAR LORD: So how do we rescue them?

ACE: Here's my game plan. <outlines it>

Then...seconds later it was Star Lord the space smuggler, Amy Rose his sidekick partner, Colin the bodyguard, and Fiona making their way silently and invisibly like ghosts via the light-side of magic unseen or undetected by MegaMind keeping watch atop the roof of the main entrance with his sister Crystal at his side.

CRYSTAL: I don't remember seeing...<thinks she saw something> now what's that?

COLIN: Good question, gray lady.

CRYSTAL: Who said that?!! <angrily spins around>

MEGAMIND: Who's there, show yourself!

But by that time Colin, Star Lord, Fiona and Amy had entered the complex still undetected.

MEGAMIND: I must be hearing things.

CRYSTAL: Me too, must be my imagination running wild.

BORF: Now, Beerus...activate the computer.

The communications officer obeyed the command of his boss and in a instant glowing energy resources began flowing into the Energon cube containers one by one.

BORF: Amazing, I've generated anti-matter. The golden key to our conquest of the universe.

WILY: I don't believe it. <stunned look> He really did it.

OAKS: Uh-huh, and it's doomsday for us all. <grim look>

All of a sudden a voice out of nowhere startled everyone!

COLIN: Hold it right there, we got you red-handed!

BORF: Who said that? <looks around in shock>

STAR LORD: I did, punk. <materializes into view> Ready to be zapped by the guardian of the universe. <levels his twin blasters>

AMY: <leers> It's bashing time! <levels her magic hammer>

BORF: Get them! <fires his fusion cannon>

Rose swatted away the bolts like hitting grand slam home runs out of the stadium so to speak making Borf exclaim "HUH?!!" with eyes wide before he was zapped by Peter Quill's skilled marksmanship and turned into a frozen figure before toppling onto his back momentarily stunned as his minions gasped in alarm.

FIONA: Hope! <runs to her aid>

HOPE: Boy, am I glad to see you.

TRYAX: Don't count on it ladies, it'll be short-lived. <aims his laser guns>

COLIN: <appears> Don't you dare shoot a lady! <shoots him first>

TRYAX: Aaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown and falls down>

STAR LORD: Okay, we're out of here. <quotes Kidd Video and transforms into Camaro>

Agnes, Oaks, Wily and Hope piled into the muscle car and Star Lord sped out of the complex followed by the rest of his teammates. They burst into the open surprising MegaMind and Crystal.

MEGAMIND: Hey, where did they come from?

CRYSTAL: Who-the?!!

Moments later our friends returned with the hostages safe and unharmed.

STAR LORD: Okay boss, it's your call now.

ACE: <I nod> Let's roll! <shout the battle cry of United Flight 93>

SALLY: Freedom Fighters roll!

Together my wife and I changed into semi trucks then accelerated top speed towards the main entrance of the labs knocking down the front doors then popping open the trailer doors simultaneously as Sonic, Tails, Amy, Fiona, Knuckles, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, Lupe and her family, Kimberly, Star Lord, Colin, Flash Gordon, Team Rocket, MewTwo, Jesse Dart rushed towards the main workplace.

JAMES: Come on! We got to get those anti-matter cubes away from Borf before it's too late!

JESSE: Or it's doomsday for us all!

Unfortunately however...we were confronted by a shocking sight as there stood Borf sneering at us tossing a Energon cube filled with anti-matter up and down in one palm.

BORF: It is too! <then throws it at us>

The explosion of released energy devastated the entire laboratory complex in seconds as Borf's laughter echoed all around. One by one the Freedom Fighters, Wolf Pack Nation and Autobots staggered outside gasping-coughing.

SALLY: Warriors, we suffered a defeat at the hands of the enemy but that does not mean we've lost the war.

ACE: She's right. For the moment we shall return to base for medical treatment. Autobots, transform and roll out.

One by one we changed back into vehicles and drove away as the enemy watched our departure with evil glee.

BORF: The death of the Autobots is now at hand. Powered by anti-matter Energon cubes I will seal their fate.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 5 of Chapter 2?

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