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Fan Fiction

Missed the end of Sonic and the Transformers Chapter 3? Click here to read it.

Inside the abandoned slave mines the Decepticons with help from the SwatBots, ShadowBots, ComBots were digging out Chaos crystals then load onto mining cars which were taken into a cavern-chamber where special machines were set up converting the crystals into energy resources then filled into Energon cubes. Borf and Eggman looked on supervising the work in progress.

BORF: This place is magnificent, unbelievable.

EGGMAN: And there's lots of power to fulfill your destiny too.

BORF: Exactly. <sneers> I will build the ultimate weapon to defeat Ace and the Autobots, control the Earth, conquer the universe!

He threw crystals into the air laughing evilly as Robotnik looked on with amusement. At the same time the Autobots, Freedom Fighters and Anti-Freedom Fighters showed up. Ace and comrades searched through the magic until detecting evil presence inside the mines.

ACE: They are in there all right.

ANTI-TAILS: <scowls> What do they plan on doing with Chaos crystals anyway?

TAILS: Who knows? <shrugs>

AMY: <scowls> I don't like this...

STAR LORD: Let's kick their ass good. <bangs fists together>

ANTI-ROTOR: I got just the trick too.

The cyborg scientist held up a bomb device as everyone gasped.

ANTI-ROTOR: There's enough explosives here to bury those evil grays forever. <sneers>

ROTOR: Yeah, I like that. <gives thumbs up>

ACE: Not so fast. We know they are in there but do not know where to start looking.

ANTI-SALLY: I'll do the honors. Maybe I'll get lucky in tracking them down.

COLIN: And I'll provide backup to keep you safe with my magic. <Anti-Sally nods>

He transformed into the GMC TopKick C4500 off-road truck surprising the AFF gang who could not believe what they saw. Anti-Sally climbed into the truck as Anti-Rotor handed over the bomb.

ANTI-ROTOR: Once you set the timer you got 60 minutes to escape before detonation.

ANTI-SALLY: Roger! <salutes>

ACE: If there's any problems, get out of there. We'll find another way.

ANTI-SALLY: <leers> There won't be any problems. This one is for both our worlds, yours and mine. Let's go!

COLIN: We're out of here. <quotes Kidd Video and punches the gas>

Together they sped into the darkness of the mine shafts as their friends waited on the outside.

ANTI-BUNNY: Hope they do stop those grays.

ANTI-ANTOINE: Aye, or we'll have to do it ourselves.

DON: No sweat, that's where we come in. <thumbs up>

JESSE DART: <same gesture> And we'll watch your backs too.

ANTI-TAILS: Cool...<grins>

FLASH: <nods> Good luck Colin.

Kimberly, MewTwo, Team Rocket and the others agreed. Meanwhile Anti-Sally and Colin stopped halfway inside the shaft as the AFF leader climbed out of the TopKick so Colin could transform back to his terran self and they began walking along. Colin could not take his eyes off the dazzling sights before his eyes.

COLIN: I've never seen anything like this.

ANTI-SALLY: They are Chaos crystals, powerful stones of unknown forces. <gestures> On my world they are known as Dark Chaos.

COLIN: Oh? <curious look as she nods>

Then he sensed another presence approaching and made himself and Anti-Sally vanish like ghosts in the blink of an eye and not a moment too soon. Coming into view were the Supernova twins Gary and Scorch engaged in conversation.

GARY: You know what? I can't wait to get back home. This planet is boring.

SCORCH: Yeah, I know what you mean bro.

They proceeded on their way oblivious that they had been spotted by the opposition. As soon as they were gone Colin reappeared with Anti-Sally who exclaimed...

ANTI-SALLY: My goodness! I can't believe you made us disappear. <eyes wide> How, how?

COLIN: <grins> The light-side of magic within us allows us to perform feats of illusions.

ANTI-SALLY: Wow...<then points down another tunnel> this way! <takes the lead>

Seconds later they stumbled upon the forces of evil still converting Chaos crystals into Energon cubes.

COLIN: We found them. <glowers>

ANTI-SALLY: <glares> Ooooooh...those no-good grays. <clenched gloved fists>

BORF: This is the last load, the Supernova brothers will be back with their load then we pull out.

EGGMAN: By your command. <salutes him>

Then Anti-Sally remembered the bomb. She gave it to Colin instructing him to set it and he hurried to a nearby timber support attaching the device to its wooden surface then Anti-Sally input her password to initiate silent countdown and together they ran back the way to safety. Suddenly they ran headlong into the brothers.

GARY: What-the? Who are you.

ANTI-SALLY: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

SCORCH: Colin?!!

COLIN: Long time no see, duh? <shrugs>

GARY: Get ready to feel the wrath of the dark arts.

ANTI-SALLY: <sneers> I dare you...<removes her bullwhip>

SCORCH: Oh this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>

COLIN: Bring it on!

The brothers attacked with the dark arts as Colin defended himself using the light arts then Anti-Sally tried striking out with her whip but it had no effect on the twins who laughed as if she was tickling them which surprised her at first.

GARY: Stop that, that tickles. <leers> My turn.

He zapped her with force lightning making her yell in pain when Colin tried shielding her only to be zapped by Scorch.

SCORCH: Eat this, punk!

At the same time outside the mine entrance...

SONIC: They ought to be out of there, what's taking so long? <frowns>

ACE: I don't like it, something's wrong.

MEWTWO: Want me to investigate, sir?

ACE: No, I'll do it. If I'm not back, come get me.

TAILS: Good luck. <thumbs up>

KIMBERLY: We'll hold down the fort till you get back with Anti-Sally and Colin.

Ace nodded then began to enter the mine the same time the Supernova brothers stood gloating over the unconscious forms of Colin and Anti-Sally.

GARY: Let's give Borf a present.

SCORCH: Why don't we wrap them up and stick bows on them, he?

They laugh then realize they were needed by their boss so they hurried off to link up with Borf and company. Suddenly there came a loud sound like a gunshot blast going off that echoed through the shafts, the bomb had detonated! Super heated waves of energy whooshed through the air with tornado velocity collapsing timber supports and the dirt ceiling started caving in catching the Decepticons, Eggman and his robot soldiers by surprise! Unfortunately the same blast shot out the entrance striking Ace full tilt in the face-chest knocking me off my boots, throwing me backwards into the air.

ACE: Hey-hey! <cry out in shock> Aaaaaaugh! <cry like Charlie Brown>

KIMBERLY: Ace! <shouts in horror>

Everyone gasped in horror as they watched the Autobot leader crash to the ground and lay unmoving then ran to his aid.

FLASH: Bro! You all right?

JESSE: Oh dear, he's hurt.

JAMES: Sis, let's use our skills in saving the boss's life. <she nods>

Working together Team Rocket surrounded Ace within a cocoon of magic as Boomer, Miles, Patch, Buns, Kimberly, Don, Flash, Jesse Dart, MewTwo watched the twins perform the task of healing Ace's injuries and in no time the Autobot leader regained consciousness once again.

MEWTWO: Master, are you all right? <helps me stand again>

ACE: Oh wow, I've been hit. <the quote used in the laser-disc video game>

JESSE DART: You said it boss.

KIMBERLY: That was some blast that knocked you down.

ANTI-ROTOR: Blast, uh-oh...<worried look - turns the other way - whistles>

ANTI-TAILS: Oh really...<scowls>

ANTI-BUNNY: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> Anti-Sally, Colin...they're trapped inside the mine!

ANTI-ANTOINE: Oh my god...<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>

DON: Yegads! <stares in shock> We must rescue them before they run out of air.

KIMBERLY: Right, to work everybody.

FLASH: The magic will help us locate our friends then we go into the shafts to save them.

Within seconds Anti-Sally and Colin's whereabouts were pinpointed in a matter of speaking. Flash and Ace the twin brothers ventured into the shaft accompanied by Anti-Tails hoping to save his leader's life from death's door so to speak. Their route was blocked by falling rubble but that was no problem as MewTwo called upon the powers within himself to make the boulders disappear in minutes flat then immediately spotted Anti-Sally and Colin unconscious and sprawled on the ground.

FLASH: <revives Colin> Hey, you okay? <Colin opens his eyes>

COLIN: Huh, what happened?

ANTI-TAILS: Boss...<worried look as Ace revives his boss> you not hurt?

ANTI-SALLY: <opens her eyes> Huh, am I dead?

ACE: No, we're getting you out right now before anything else happens. <helps her stand>

ANTI-SALLY: Thanks, I owe you big time. <weak leer-like grin>

ANTI-TAILS: Don't mention it.

FLASH: <supports Colin> Let me help you walk on out of here.

COLIN: No sweat, I can't even stand on my own two feet. <weak shrug>

Moments later they made it back into the open air at last to the cheers of their friends. I then addressed everybody.

ACE: With the Decepticons down and out for the 10-count at the moment we can resume our search for the resources we need.

KIMBERLY: And then we can return home again.

ACE: That is affirmative.

TEAM ROCKET: Looks like we're blasting off again! <shout their famous defeated quote>

AFF: Huh? <say together as Team Rocket shrugs>

MEWTWO: <tries not to laugh out loud>

JESSE DART: Okay, back to base and report to his majesty pronto.

Nodding I and comrades in vehicle forms with the AFF and FF aboard returned to New MoboTropolis then Anti-Sally and gang teleported back to their own world to report to Dr Kintobor letting him know what went down so to speak. After making my report to Max and Alicia who were excited about the Decepticons being KOd in a matter of speaking I then headed home to check on my wife and let Sally know what went down.

SALLY: That's awesome, the AFF did prove themselves worthy as allies. Sorry to hear my evil counterpart almost bought the farm.

ACE: Yeah, she almost did...but I saved her life.

SALLY: Good-good...<pats me on the back> maybe now we can rest and take it easy for a spell, yes? You can help me take care of the babies, he? <I nod>

ROSY: If you won't be needing me then I'll head home for now but check in soon enough, bye. <leaves>

Thus...husband and wife settled down to normal routines when Max and Alicia showed up with the babies then stayed awhile assisting in taking care of the newborns with us.

TO BE CONTINUED.... Click here to read on to Chapter 4 Part 2!

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